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The Hollywood Knockouts
Oil Wrestling & Dance Revue consists of:

MC, 1 Referee, 4-5 Female Wrestlers
and one(1) 10'x10' Wrestling Pit

The Hollywood Knockouts
will normally arrive in your town around 3 in the afternoon
and check into the hotel. Set-up will usually begin between
5 & 6PM and requires approximately 60 minutes. Once it's
set up, they will head to the hotel and return approximately
60 minutes before show time.

ARRIVAL: The Hollywood Knockouts will arrive together already prepared to mingle. This includes shaking hands, talking to and having fun with your customers.

The 2 hour event starts with our Master of Ceremony performing a comical and informative monologue, building up the audience and creating an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation.
Then we'll introduce the first 2 wrestlers, one at a time, to battle in our Wrestling Pit.

AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION: Once the girls have grappled, the MC will begin looking for members of the audience to actually get into the pit and wrestle with our sexy girls, in a comical 3 round bout, that will leave your customers rolling in the aisles.
Side splitting

fun is bound to unfold when one of your friends puts on our shorts and gets covered in oil by one of our very own, Hollywood Knockouts.

After the oily antics are over the laughter continues when the wrestlers do one final "Massacre Bout". Where one audience member will wrestle with all of the Hollywood Knockouts at the same time, covered in Hot Cream. It's the Grand Finale that will leave your customers talking about us and your club, until the next time we return.

MEET & GREET AFTER PARTY: After the ladies clean up a little they will return to the audience to take and share photos with any and all of your customers, sign autographs, shoot pool or just hang out and have some drinks with the fans. Your patrons will LOVE you for it!


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